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I’M Christopher tate, YOUR Fitness BUSINESS cOACH

With two decades of unwavering commitment to the fitness industry, Chris Tate stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of fitness business coaching. Known for his unparalleled expertise and dedication, Chris has been the guiding force behind countless business owners, helping them carve their path to success. His journey is defined by the brands he’s touched – the likes of Orangetheory, F45, CrossFit, ISI Elite Training, Burn Bootcamp, Gold’s Gym, and Chuze Fitness.




Benefit from individualized coaching and a supportive community.


Create powerful brand and marketing strategy .


Expand clientele , boost revenue , and optimize operations.


Break free from the membership slump and take control of your future.

Leadership & Team Building

Develop leadership skills and build a high-performing team

Membership retention Mastery

Keep members loyal with proven techniques.


Our strategies have turned fitness businesses into million-dollar successes.


Learn from professionals who've achieved remarkable results.


Gone Guerrilla 1000 Leads Per Month

$199 $400

The “Gone Guerrilla” course provides a comprehensive exploration of grassroots marketing, empowering students to understand its fundamentals, develop branding strategies, and leverage local events, referrals, personalized interactions, and phone engagement techniques to generate leads and optimize conversions effectively. This course equips learners with a multifaceted skill set to excel in grassroots marketing, making it an indispensable resource for lead generation and growth.

Social Media For Fitness Studios

$199 $400

The “Social Media for Fitness Studios” course equips fitness professionals with the essential skills to establish a strong social media foundation, craft engaging profiles, develop a consistent posting strategy, and harness the power of algorithms and content repurposing for effective social media management. By mastering these components, gym owners can enhance their online presence, connect with their target audience, and drive success in the digital age.

Mayor Of Your Town Bundle

$49 Nov 1-15th! 

The “Mayor of the Town Bundle” combines two comprehensive courses: “Gone Guerrilla,” which delves into grassroots marketing strategies for lead generation, and “Social Media for Fitness Studios,” which provides gym owners with the skills to optimize their online presence through effective social media management. This bundled offering equips learners with a multifaceted skill set essential for growing their fitness businesses.

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Corporate Fitness Memberships Masterclass

Unlock the corporate fitness market’s potential with our FREE masterclass! Learn effective strategies for securing corporate memberships, tailor offerings, market to businesses, and negotiate win-win deals. Date, time, and location to be announced soon. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your fitness studio’s reach!